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Planner for Your Perfect Wedding

YJDecorating is a Luxury Floral and Event Design Boutique. We focus on telling your story and what makes your heart beat even faster by transcribing it through the floral artistry and event design. Yvonne is the creator and master florist of YJDecorating.

Yvonne studied floral design and is a Wedding MBA Elite Certificate Holder. From Yvonne" I can still remember when I was a little girl how I would stare and study each floral stem in a vase or on a wild prairie, in awe of the beauty and feeling it created within me. I could not believe how something could be so mesmerizing.

My Grandmother and mother had a love affair with flowers and now I find myself being mesmerized by flowers for the last 17 years. How does it get better? I get to meet/learn/go through a journey with couples that are excited and love what we do and watch it all unfold the day off. Why YJDecorating? What makes us stand out? Yvonne is a strong advocate of continuing education, she and her team learn annual, techniques, colors, new products new trends floral and event design.

We close once a year and focus on learning and mastering our craft so we can be the leader in Floral and Event Design in Chicago. Our inventory is constantly being updated by the newest trends, colors and textures. Our floral and fresh product comes from the highest shelf to provide our clients with the highest quality/beauty and longevity of each stem.
MBA cert